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Founded by some of the best orthopedic surgeons, scientists, and physical therapists in the country, CellCoreTM was created for people who want to harness the power of stem cells as an alternative non-surgical regenerative healing method.


The CellCore Regenerative Medicine InstituteTM is dedicated to helping patients access cutting-edge, FDA-approved therapies and procedures.

The human body is constantly repairing itself, utilizing undifferentiated "stem cells" to replace aging cells that are too degenerated to repair themselves. This natural healing process gives us our long life span, but at some point in our lives, efficiency declines, whether it be from age or overuse.


The CellCore Regenerative Medicine InstituteTM uses stem

cell based treatments  to improve surrounding biologic environments and jump start this natural healing mechanism, repairing tissues, cells, and organs in the process.


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The institute is located in Orange County, a destination unto itself, with access to more than 40 miles of golden beaches and a myriad of exciting activities, shopping and entertainment. Orange County is centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego with easy access from several private and major airports (SNA, LBG, LAX), so flight connections can be made easily from anywhere in the world.


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